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Energy price hikes: the tariff shield extended in 2023

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The tariff shield put in place in 2021, and already extended to December 2022 for gas, and to 1er february 2023 for electricity, is renewed in 2023. Announced by the government in September, this extension, intended to address the sharp increase in energy prices among households and small companies, is confirmed.

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The 2023 budget further extends the tariff shield until 30 June 2023.

The rate increase shall be limited to 15 % from 1er January 2023 for gas, and also 15% for electricity as of 1er February 2023.

The limitation is higher than in 2022 (which was 4%) but covers “all households, condominiums, social housing, small companies and smaller municipalities”. This measure involves:

  • an average increase in bills of around €25 per month for households heating with gas. The increase would be about €200 per month without a tariff shield;
  • an average increase of around €20 per month for households heating with electricity, instead of €180 without a tariff shield.


12 million households, or the 40% of the smallest households, also received a check for €100 or €200 in December 2022 and an exceptional check was awarded to modest households heating with fuel oil or mainly wood.

There is no catch-up announced in 2024 to be borne by households, the shortfall for energy producers having to be borne by the State. In addition, aid of up to €200 is also provided for French people heating with fuel oil or wood.

Please note

The Ministry of Ecological Transition has launched an energy sobriety awareness campaign on the theme Every gesture counts. The French energy sobriety plan aims to reduce the country's energy consumption by 10%.