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Eliminating unnecessary medical certificates to reduce the administrative burden on doctors

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In order to reduce the administrative burden on Liberal doctors and allow them to spend more time with their patients, the Minister of Health announced on February 8, 2023, the implementation of 15 new measures in 2023. Among these, the medical certificate required by certain institutions such as crèches, schools or sports federations must become an exception.

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Doctors spend an average of 1h30 to 2h per week on issuing medical certificates requested by day care centers, schools, sports federations, employers, to obtain a right for people with disabilities or loss of autonomy, etc. The Minister of Health and Prevention has announced that the rules on applying for a medical certificate will be clarified before the end of the first quarter of 2023. He felt that it was urgent for the medical certificate to become an exception in the various fields concerned.

In addition, regular information campaigns at key times of the year will be launched to better inform patients and institutions about the uselessness of certain certificates.

There will be a campaign starting in September to put an end to certificates of non-contraindication to sport, for example.

15 measures to reduce doctors' administrative tasks and give back medical time

Giving back medical time to doctors for the benefit of the population is a priority for the Ministry of Health and Health Insurance.

In addition to the removal of unnecessary medical certificates, other measures to reduce the administrative burden on doctors will be put in place during 2023, including:

  • Transmission of supporting documents by medical professionals to Medicare: “towards zero paper” and gradual deployment of the vital card app on smartphone (ApCV) from 2023 to limit the forgetting of vital cards by patients, and thus avoid all transmission of supporting documents in paper format.
  • Facilitating the administrative management of patients with long-term conditions (ALD): limiting unnecessary burdens for liberal doctors, better anticipating the end of the right to ALD, developing the dematerialization of ALD management procedures.
  • Integrating digital health tools into doctors' daily practice: enriching the improved portal of the Health Insurance, supporting liberal doctors through the Health Insurance to the integration of uses and digital tools, mobilizing software publishers, to continue to offer liberal doctors ergonomic products that comply with the Ségur specifications...
  • Making the relationship between Medicare and liberal doctors smoother: making the medical service of Medicare more accessible, including the guarantee, by mid-2023, of a 24-hour recall by medical advisors, giving preference to calls or emails for subjects related to billing.


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