Attending physician and coordinated care pathway

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What is the role of the attending physician in the coordinated care pathway? It consists in being entrusted with the coordination of care for your medical follow-up. You choose your primary care physician. By consulting your attending physician, you enter the care path. This way you get a better refund. We present you with the information you need to know.

You can choose freely your treating doctor. He must agree to fulfill this role.

For children under 16 years of age, at least one of the two parents (or the person with parental authority) chooses the attending physician.

The treating physician may be:

  • General Practitioner
  • Specialist
  • Agreed sector 1 (no fee overrun)
  • Agreed Sector 2 (possible fee overrun)

Please note

It is possible to know which area his doctor is responsible for by going to Ameli's directory:

The attending physician may exercise:

  • Alone
  • Within a group firm
  • In a health center
  • In a hospital.

It can be located in the place that suits you best: near your home, near your work...


You can no longer contact the mediator if you are looking for a treating doctor.

Therefore, if you have not been able to find a treating doctor or your treating doctor is not available, you can contact a coordinated territorial organization.

In case of difficulty (example: there is no coordinated territorial organization in your territory), you can contact your CPMA.

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Online by the doctor

The doctor may offer to make the declaration via the Internet.

He'll need your vital card.

By mail

You have to fill out a declaration form with the doctor you have chosen, for example during a consultation.

The doctor has to sign this form.

The form leaflet explains how to fill in the sections.

Once completed, the form is to be sent to your health insurance organization.

Declare your treating physician

Who shall I contact

Your statement remains valid as long as you and your doctor agree to continue this patient/physician relationship.

You are free to change the attending physician when you wish and without proof.

To declare your new attending physician, the procedure is the same as for the designation.

Your new return cancels the previous one.

You do not have to tell your previous doctor. However, this information can facilitate its organization.

The primary tasks of the attending physician are to:

  • Ensure a 1er level of use of care and coordination of medical follow-up
  • Guide you through the coordinated care journey
  • Establishing a care protocol for a long-term disorder
  • Ensure personalized prevention (vaccination, health advice according to your lifestyle...).


The treating physician can access the data integrated by the healthcare professionals in My health space if you opened it.

The coordinated care pathway consists of consulting priority your doctor treating you for medical follow-up.

If you go to a doctor who you haven't declared as a primary care physician, you get less money back except in a few situations (for example, if you are under 16 or away from home or if you are seeking urgent medical attention or if your treating doctor retired or changed department less than a year ago).

In addition to consultation to your treating doctorHowever, other consultations are part of the care pathway.

Indeed, you are in the coordinated care path if you consult one of the following doctors :

  • Alternate for your treating doctor
  • Other doctor, says correspondent doctor, at the request of your treating doctor
  • Doctor in case of emergency
  • Doctor while you are away from home
  • Gynecologist, ophthalmologist, psychiatrist, stomatologist
  • Doctor in the hospital for a drug problem (alcohol, tobacco, drugs)
  • Physician in a humanitarian medicine structure
  • Doctor in a family planning or education center
  • General practitioner settled less than 5 years
  • General practitioner working in a health center located in an area lacking in care
  • Doctor following a diagnosis of a genetic defect in a member of your family.

You're refunded normally even if you consult them without going through your doctor.

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