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Easier access to scholarships for students with disabilities or caregivers

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The scholarship system on social criteria is evolving in the 2023 season. Four additional points are now awarded in the scholarship scheme to students with disabilities and those helping a parent with a disability.

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Higher education scholarships based on social criteria are awarded according to a national scale which takes into account the resources of the student’s family and the number of charge points.

Load points are assigned:

  • depending on the distance between the family home and the institution where the student is registered at the beginning of the school year;
  • for each other dependent child of the family, student or not.

Four additional points are now awarded:

  • students with disabilities with an entitlement opening notified by the Commission des droits et de l’autonomie des personnes handicap (CDAPH);
  • students who regularly and frequently assist a parent with a disability to carry out activities of daily living; and who are not employed for such assistance.

These four points can now allow non-grant students, who previously exceeded the resource limits, to be eligible for the scholarship on social criteria; and grant students to have their scholarships increased in value.


the parent assisted by the students may be

  • their father, mother, brother, sister (or half-brother or half-sister) or child;
  • their Civil partnership or partner, and the father, mother or child of their Civil partnership or partner;
  • the Civil partnership or partner of their father or mother.

How to benefit?

To apply for the four load points:

  • students applying for the first scholarship must go to the site before 31 December 2023. A student will be able to apply after this date if their situation changes.
  • students who are already on scholarships need to update their situation in their student social record.


the system of higher education grants based on social criteria is structured in 8 steps: from 0 bis to 7. For the academic year 2023-2024, 0 bis scholarship students shall receive €145.40 by month, for example; and students at step 7 receive €633.50 per month.