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Student: scholarship

Verified 27 July 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

The Higher Education Scholarship on Social Criteria (BCS) is awarded to students who have material difficulties in pursuing higher education. It complements the family's help and does not replace maintenance obligation parents.


You must meet all of the following conditions:

  • You are enrolled in initial training in France or in another country of European Union
  • The institution is a public or private educational institution entitled to receive scholarships
  • You're in college full-time


if you are not eligible for the scholarship, you may qualify under annual emergency aid.


You must be under the age of 28 at your 1re application for scholarship (at 1to September of the year of study).

From the age of 28, you must continue your education to continue collecting the scholarship.

This age limit can be extended if you are in one of the following conditions:

Volunteering in the Armed Forces

You perform a volunteering in armies : the age limit of 28 years is reduced by one year.

Civic Service

You perform civil service : the age limit of 28 years is reduced until the end of civic service.

Child parent student

The age limit is reduced by 1 year per child raised.

Disabled Student

If you are recognised as disabled by CDAPH: titleContent, there is no age requirement.


You must have a French baccalaureate (or a diploma/diploma accepted in equivalence or dispensed for enrolment in 1re Graduate year).


Additional conditions are required if you are not French.

European students

If you are a citizen of a European Economic Area, or if you are a swiss or an andoran, you must meet one of the following conditions:

  • Having held a full or part-time job in France, whether as an employee or not
  • Justify that one of your parents has earned income in France
Foreigners student (other country)

You must have the following 3 conditions:

  • Have a residence permit
  • Be domiciled in France for at least 2 years
  • Certify a tax home in France for at least 2 years
Refugee or Protected (Ofpra)

You must have refugee status recognised by theOfpra: titleContent or benefit from subsidiary protection granted by Ofpra.


To qualify for the scholarship, your income must not exceed a certain ceiling.

For the 2022-2023 academic year, the income withheld is that received in 2020 (2021 tax notice) by the family or legal guardian.

The revenues included in the line gross income the notice of taxation or non-taxation.

You can calculate your stock exchange entitlement:

Student: calculate your stock exchange right on social criteria

If you are married, married, or have a dependent child, your only resources (or those of the tax home to which you are attached) can be withheld.

In exceptional cases, income from 2021 or even 2022 can be taken into account.

Special provisions are provided for in the following situations:

  • Isolated parent
  • Separation, divorce, remarriage or free union of parents
  • Parent living or working abroad
  • Foreigner Students

You prepare the necessary documents to your file before completing it.

Please note

you have to do it regardless of your nationality.

Application Filing

The application is made between January 20 and May 15 prior to the university entrance with the student social record (FSD) electronically:

My Student Services

In case of significant and sustainable change your situation (marriage, divorce) or that of your family (divorce, death, unemployment, retirement, illness), your file can be examined even outside these deadlines.

Then contact the DSE department of the academy Neck where you are (or will be) educated.

Who shall I contact

Request Validation

Upon completion of your EHR, you will receive a confirmation email confirming your application.

The file will be sent to you by email within 48 hours.

Check this folder and optionally change the wrong information.

Return signed folder within 8 calendar days to the Neck by attaching the required supporting documents.

The request is taken into account on the date of return of the paper file to the Necks.

Conditional award notification decision

You will receive, by email, a conditional notification of award or rejection of the award, no later than July.

The final decision to award or reject will be notified only after you enrol in university.

To do so, send the certificate proving your enrolment in a higher education institution to Crous.

Who shall I contact

Final decision on award

The final award decision must include the reasons if it is less favourable than the conditional decision.

Refusals, withdrawals or reductions of scholarships must also be justified.

These decisions must indicate the means and time limits for appeals (administrative and litigation).

Please note

if your situation changes significantly and permanently, the file can be reviewed. Contact your Neck.

Who shall I contact


To challenge the decision of the Neck, contact ex gratia to the president of the academy.

Who shall I contact

If you have not obtained satisfaction, submit a complaint to the Minister of Higher Education, obligatory through the president of the academy.

You can also file a legal complaint with the administrative court of your academy within 2 months of notification.

The BCS 8 grades (0 bis to 7), each corresponds to an annual award amount.

The scholarship is paid to the student in 10 monthly instalments, unless you enjoy during summer holidays.

You can calculate your stock exchange entitlement:

Student: calculate your stock exchange right on social criteria

2022-2023 award amount by step



















The grant is paid in 10 monthly and may be conditionally paid during the summer holidays.

The student can only touch it for 7 years, and its maintenance depends on the progression in the studies, attendance at the courses and attendance at the exams.