Restaurant titles: extended use to purchase any food product

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The use of restaurant titles is extended to the purchase of all food products, even if they are not directly consumable (flour, pasta, rice, eggs, fish, meat...) since August 18, 2022 and until December 31, 2023. Since 1er in july 2022, the daily ceiling for restaurant titles was raised to €19 and it is no longer possible to use them on weekends and public holidays. A forthcoming decree is expected to raise the ceiling for the payment of restaurant vouchers to €25 in the near future.

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Extended use to any type of food product

Since 1er in july 2022, the daily ceiling for the use of restaurant vouchers was raised to €19. Their use is limited to working days (except Sundays and public holidays), unless the employee is required to work on Sundays or public holidays.

From August 18, 2022 until December 31, 2023, you have the option to use your restaurant vouchers to purchase any type of food, even if they are not directly consumable without cooking or preparation (flour, pasta, rice, eggs, fish, meat, etc.), according to section 6 of the Act for the Protection of Purchasing Power.

Previously, restaurant titles were used to pay only for meals, cooked meals, prepared salads, sandwiches (served on site or to take away) as well as fruits and vegetables or dairy products.

At merchants that accept restaurant vouchers, you can pay for all or part of your meal or grocery shopping with your restaurant vouchers at the following locations:

  • restaurants and certain related traders (delicatessens, caterers, bakeries, food distribution businesses, etc.);
  • supermarkets or grocery stores (flour, pasta, rice, eggs, butter, milk, meat...);
  • fruit and vegetable retailers.

However, restaurants and shops are not obliged to accept restaurant vouchers. Each store chain establishes its own list of products payable by restaurant title. So there may be differences from one brand to another.

Restaurant titles can take several formats:

  • paper tickets in checkbook form;
  • prepaid and rechargeable smart cards (usable in the same terminals as bank cards);
  • access to an app on the mobile phone (smartphone).

When you use a card or app on your smartphone, you are charged the exact amount to pay. If you use paper titles, the merchant does not have the right to give you change.


in addition to the amending budget for 2022 and the law on measures to protect purchasing power, both dated 16 august 2022, a decree to be published shortly will raise the maximum amount of meals or food products payable in restaurant vouchers to €25 per working day.

Please note

between june 2020 and the end of june 2022, the daily ceiling for use of restaurant vouchers increased from €19 to €38 in restaurants. The use of restaurant vouchers on weekends and public holidays was also possible. This measure to support the restaurant sector during the health crisis has been renewed several times. This provision was set to expire on February 28, 2022, and has been extended until June 30, 2022.