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Covid-19: a green number for home vaccination for the elderly

Publié le 03 novembre 2021 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

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Elderly person getting vaccinated at home

In order to improve Covid-19 vaccination in people over 80, a new hotline has been set up to make it easier to make a vaccination appointment at home or with a health professional. This number is part of the« go » to help older people get vaccinated. What's the number to call? How does it work? Point with

The toll-free number 0 800 730 957, available daily from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, allows people over 80 to make an appointment (first or second injection or booster dose):

  • home: the counsellor organises the appointment (day, time, place) with the person's consent by contacting a health professional authorised to vaccinate;
  • or directly with a health professional authorised to vaccinate: the counsellor then makes an appointment and arranges transportation to the vaccination site if necessary.

  FYI : Older people can call themselves to get a vaccination appointment or make the request through their family caregiver, home caregiver or any other person with their consent.

Older persons with reduced mobility may, under certain conditions, a charge for transport costs.


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