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From 15 Sept. 2022

Exceptional back-to-school bonus: who can benefit from it?

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It is the turn of the beneficiaries of the activity bonus to receive the exceptional return bonus from 15 November. The cash-in-service premium is part of the government's measures to boost purchasing power in the 2022 coming-in period, in a context of high inflation. Approximately 11 million households are affected. The payment of the loan began on 15 September.

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The 2022 supplementary budget (LFR) makes it possible to finance measures to boost the purchasing power of the French people and provides in particular for exceptional solidarity aid (AES) known as a ‘back-to-school premium’ for modest households. A decree issued in Official Journal of 15 September lays down the procedures for granting this exceptional financial assistance to the smallest households.

Who can benefit?

This aid, which was introduced exceptionally for the year 2022, is intended for the most modest households in need of minimum benefits, amounting to €100, plus €50 per child for whom there is a permanent and actual dependency.

This exceptional financial assistance is awarded to the beneficiaries of one of the following allocations for the month of June 2022:

  • Active Solidarity Income (SSA) or Overseas Solidarity Income (OSA);
  • Support for the family and social life of former migrants in their country of origin, subject to proof of stable and regular residence in France;
  • Financial assistance for social and vocational integration (AFIS);
  • Disabled Adult Allowance (DAA);
  • One of the personal housing aids (APL, ALF, ALS);
  • Specific solidarity allowance (SSA);
  • Pension Equivalent Allowance (REA);
  • Solidarity allowance for the elderly (ASPA) or special allowance for the elderly;
  • Simple allowance for the elderly.

Scholarship students who do not receive an LPA receive an exceptional financial assistance of €100 to which is added €50 per child to be paid by the Crous (Decree No 2022-1232 of 14 September 2022).

Persons receiving the activity bonus in June 2022 are also eligible: the amount of their aid is €28, plus €14 per dependent child (up to the month before they turn 20). This payment is made automatically by the Family Allowance Fund as of November 15.

The scheme therefore covers people with modest incomes, scholarship students, the elderly in precarious situations and the French receiving LPAs.

Please note

This aid should not be confused with the back-to-school allowance (RSA), which is granted on a means-tested basis to families with at least one schoolchild aged 6 to 18 and is intended to compensate for the cost of back-to-school expenses. You can receive the Exceptional Back-to-School Bonus even if you are collecting the CRA.

How do I get help?

If you are eligible, the payment is made automatically by the organization on which your allowances depend, without any action on your part. For example, if you collect the SSA or the LPA, the payment is made by your Family Allowance Fund. If you are a jobseeker, Pôle emploi pays you the bonus.