You can help a person who has been placed under a court order to reintegrate into the business

Publié le 29 avril 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

As an accompanying volunteer visitor, you can in particular assist a person placed under the law in his administrative formalities or for the management of his budget. Assisted people serve their sentence, or the end of their sentence, outside a prison facility. The meetings between the accompanying visitor and the person placed under the custody of the court do not take place in prison.

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Accompanying visitors contribute to the reintegration of convicted persons who are isolated or have a small entourage at their side. They are volunteers who are part of the National Association of Visitors of Persons Under Hand of Justice (ANVP).

To become an accompanying visitor, you must, among other things:

  • be of age;
  • have a clean criminal record.

You are mainly asked to support and listen to a person placed under the hand of justice, who executes his sentence in an open environment. You can in particular:

  • assist with administrative procedures relating to housing, health or access to rights;
  • assist it in managing its budget;
  • accompany him during cultural or associative outings;
  • set up tutoring sessions for her, based on your professional experience.

The meetings may for example take place in a public place (a cafe, a library, etc.); however, they may not take place at the home of the accompanying visitor or the person under the court's supervision.

If you wish to become an accompanying visitor, you must commit to this volunteer activity for at least one year.

You can find all the terms and conditions of the accompanying visitors' device on our dedicated factsheet.

Please note

Do not confuse accompanying visitors with prison visitor.

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