Money transfer by cash mandate

Verified 12 September 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Want to transfer cash to the person of your choice? You can use the cash warrant. We'll tell you how to do it.

The cash mandate allows you to transfer cash, in France and abroad, to the person of your choice.

This operation must not be linked to a trade exchange.

Example :

The cash warrant can be used to send money to his family abroad.

Unlike the transfer, the amount of a cash mandate is recoverable in cash, without going through a bank account.

The cash warrant is typically used by people who are in one of the following situations:

  • No bank account
  • Inability to produce proof of domicile
  • No other means of payment (bank transfer, credit card or check).

Please note

a minor can't send a cash warrant.

The warrant can be sent from an agency or via the Internet.

From an agency

You can go to a bureau de change offering service.

There are also agencies specializing in this type of transaction, particularly for mandates to the foreigner.

You must fill in a form specifying your identity, your contact details and those of the beneficiary.

To secure the transaction, some forms provide for a secret question. The recipient has to give the answer in order to release the money.

You must submit this form to the bank, after you have entered the amount to be transferred.

You must pay the amount of your transfer, the application fee and, if applicable, the exchange fee. You must keep a copy of the form.

You must provide the recipient with the following information:

  • Amount
  • Contact details of the mandate
  • If necessary, answer the secret question.

The operator may set a maximum amount according to the country of dispatch or receipt.


You can complete the cash order from the secure area of the website of a provider offering the service.

The operator may set a maximum amount according to the country of dispatch or receipt.

You must go to a foreign exchange office belonging to the network used by the money order originator.

You need to show some ID. You must also provide the mandate references provided by the sender.

You may also be asked to answer a secret question. This information must have been provided by the sender.

You receive the amount of the money order in cash. If the warrant was sent from another country, the sum is converted into local currency.


if the amount is high, the ticket office can ask to be notified 1 or 2 days before handing over the cash.

The cost varies depending on the providers and the options chosen.

It is often paid by the sender, including in the case of foreign exchange transactions.

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