High school or college social fund

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Having trouble paying for your child's school and living expenses? Financial assistance called the social fund can be assigned to you. What are the conditions for taking advantage of it? How do I apply? Here's the information you need to know.

The social fund is a help that allows you to meet expenses of school or school life.

This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Transportation and school outings
  • Child care (oral care, purchase of glasses, hearing aids, etc.)
  • Work Clothing
  • Professional or sports equipment
  • Textbooks or school supplies

Please note

this aid may be supplemented by the canteen social fund.

If your child is registered in a public institution, the social fund may take the form of a sum of money or a benefit in kind. If it's privately funded, it's only financial.

To benefit from the social fund, your child must be educated in one of the following classes or structures:

In principle, if your child is enrolled in a preparatory school class, you cannot benefit from the social fund. However, the head teacher may exceptionally decide to grant you the aid.


your child does not have to be a scholarship holder to benefit from the social fund.

The head of the establishment informs you at the beginning of the school year of the possibility to benefit from this aid.

You must withdraw a file from the institutional secretariat and return it, with the required documents.

Who shall I contact

The procedure for allocating the social fund is different in public and private establishments under contract.

Your child is enrolled in a public school

A special commission, chaired by the head of the school, examines each case and gives its opinion on the applications.

The head of the school informs you of the decision whether or not to grant you the social fund.

Your child is enrolled in a private institution under contract

The head of institution reviews each file and makes proposals for assignments. These proposals are first transmitted to the rector of the academy, who then takes the decision.

The head of the school informs you of the decision taken by the rector.

If your child is minor, the aid is given directly to you. If he is major, it may be attributed to him personally.

When you have been refused the social fund, you can make an appointment with the social assistance school of the high school or college. It will direct you to the aids you may be entitled to.

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