Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MGI)

Verified 01 January 2024 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Abolition of the waiting period on work stoppages following an IMG

Published on 1 January 2024

Law No. 2023-1250 of 26 December 2023 on financing social security for 2024 allows women who have undergone an IMG to receive compensation during their work stoppage, without waiting for a waiting period, unlike a ‘traditional’ sick leave.

This rule will apply to prescribed work stoppages from a date specified by decree and no later than 1er July 2024.

As soon as this Order is issued, this page will be updated.

In the meantime, this information remains valid.

An IMG, also called therapeutic abortionmay be carried out only if the continuation of the pregnancy poses a serious risk to the health of the woman. The same applies if there is a high probability that the unborn child is suffering from a condition of particular gravity recognized as incurable at the time of diagnosis.

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IMG can be done in one of the following cases:

  • The health of the woman is seriously jeopardized if the pregnancy continues
  • The unborn child has a high probability of suffering from a condition of particular gravity recognized as incurable at the time of diagnosis.

Example :

Deadly diseases in the perinatal period or in the 1re years of life and illnesses leading to severe disability, sometimes fatal, in children.

IMG can be done at any time pregnancy.

The IMG decision procedure depends on the reason (mother or child health).

Before the meeting of the competent multidisciplinary team, the woman concerned or the couple may, at her request, be heard by all or some of the members of the team concerned.

Child Health

If the probability is high that the unborn child is suffering from a condition of particular gravity recognized as incurable at the time of diagnosis, the medical team is that of a multidisciplinary prenatal diagnostic center. She's reviewing the woman's application.

Pregnant women may ask a doctor or midwife of their choice to be associated with them.

Women's health

When IMG is considered to protect women's health, the application is reviewed by a multidisciplinary team consisting of at least the following:

  • Qualified physician in gynecology-obstetrics member of a multidisciplinary prenatal diagnostic center
  • Practitioner specializing in the condition of the woman

  • Doctor or midwife chosen by the woman
  • Qualified person (e.g. social worker or psychologist) bound by professional confidentiality

The decision rests with the multidisciplinary team.

After consultation, if it appears to two doctors that the risk is justified, they establish the certificates allowing to practice the IMG.

In all cases, the pregnant woman concerned should be given full information (e.g. on the duration of hospitalization and intervention) and give her consent.

She (alone or as a couple) may ask to be heard before this consultation by the team or by some of its members.


a doctor who refuses to perform an IMG must immediately inform the woman concerned of her refusal and immediately inform her of the names of the practitioners who can perform this procedure.

Yes, an unenfranchised minor can apply for an IMG.

However, the consent of one of his parents or his legal representative is obtained before the intervention is carried out.

If the unenfranchised minor wishes keep secret, the doctor shall endeavor to obtain his agreement that one of his parents or the legal representative be consulted. If not, it verifies that the minor has begun this process.

If this has not been done or if consent is not obtained, the person concerned may request that the procedure be carried out. The minor is then accompanied in her approach by an adult of her choice.

IMG takes place in the context of hospitalization in a health facility, public or private.

IMG can be done with drugs, surgery, or natural delivery.

During and after the procedure, precautions are taken to avoid side effects and risks, both for the health of the mother and for a future pregnancy.

Please note

termination of pregnancy for medical reasons can only be carried out by a doctor.

Care is given to the woman on whom an IMG has just been performed: a physical and psychological follow-up is offered.

A consultation is preferably planned with the doctor who performed the procedure.

For questions related to thecivil status and burial of the child, the parent(s) may be accompanied in these steps by the social worker of the health institution.

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