How to make a bank proxy?

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You need to contact your bank to make a bank proxy. This document allows you to let someone else manage your bank account. Steps to be taken, responsibilities, end of power of attorney: here is the information to know about the bank power of attorney.

The Bank Power of Attorney allows you to let another person manage your bank account.

Example :

A minor often gives a bank power of attorney to his parents to help him manage his account.

The person with the power of attorney is called representative. The person giving power of attorney (yourself) is called principal.

The agent may withdraw and deposit money into the principal's account.

The agent does not have to be a member of your family. However, it is recommended to give the power of attorney to a no one you trust.

The representative shall not be remunerated for his performance unless a convention so provides.

Please note

the power of attorney is a different procedure from the trusteeship or the guardianship. You remain independent and retain your rights to your bank account and its income.

The procedure may vary depending on the banks. In general, you have to go to your bank to fill it out and sign a application form Bank proxy.


if you cannot travel, we advise you to get closer to your bank advisor. They will be able to offer you a solution adapted to your situation (home or hospital visit, request by mail).

The bank may also ask for a copy of your agent's signature and proof of identity and domicile. The type of relationship (relatives, business, etc.) between you and the agent may also be requested.

The written document must specify whether the power of attorney is general or limited.

The power of attorney is general where it concerns any operation for an indefinite period.

She's limited where it concerns only certain operations, certain amounts and a fixed duration.

You can give a power of attorney on the same account to multiple agents. Such persons may act separately, without consulting each other, unless the power of attorney states otherwise.


the representative may not close the account of the holder.

You remain responsible for the transactions carried out by your agent on your bank account.

Example :

you are responsible for uncovered.

A power of attorney terminates in the following cases:

  • At any time, upon written request of the principal or agent at the bank
  • At the end of the period provided for, if the power of attorney has a fixed term and is not renewed
  • As of trusteeship of the principal or representative
  • As of death of the principal or the authorized representative.

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