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What is a residence permit application receipt?

Verified 06 August 2021 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

When you apply for a residence card in the prefecture or sub-prefecture, you receive a temporary residence document called reclaimed. This document allows you to stay in France during the examination of your file. Depending on the case, it also allows you to work.

The receipt is a document proving the registration of your residence permit application to the prefecture (or sub-prefecture) of your home. It allows you to stay in France for the duration it specifies.

You are concerned if you are a foreigner and apply for a residence permit (1re request, renewal or duplicate).

The receipt is given to you if your file is complete.


if your request is made online, you receive (via the online service) a extension certificate the instruction for your request.

1st request for residence card

You receive a receipt with a duration of Four or six months. This period will allow the prefecture to examine your file and produce your residence permit.

The receipt can be exceptionally renewed for up to 3 months.

Renewal or duplicate of residence card

You receive a valid receipt 3 months. The date of validity of the card begins the day after the expiry date of your residence card.

The receipt may be renewed.

You can request your receipt renewal if it expires.

Ask your prefecture (or sub-prefecture) how to apply for this renewal.

Who shall I contact
Who shall I contact

In Paris:

General case

Receipt allows you to work only in the following cases (1re issue or renewal :

  • Temporary residence card "employed" or "temporary worker"
  • Temporary residence card "job search or company creation"
  • Temporary residence card "private and family life" (except exceptions)
  • Multi-annual "talent passport", "talent passport - European blue card", "talent passport - researcher" or "talent passport - researcher - mobility programme"
  • Multi-year residence card "talent passport (family)"
  • Multi-year residence card "ICT seconded employee", "ICT mobile seconded employee", "ICT seconded employee (family)" or "ICT mobile seconded employee (family)"
  • Multi-year "seasonal worker" residence card
  • Multi-annual residence card "beneficiary of subsidiary protection", "member of the family of a beneficiary of subsidiary protection", "beneficiary of stateless status" or "member of the family of a beneficiary of stateless status"
  • Resident card (except exceptions)
For an Algerian

Receipt allows you to work only in the following cases (1re issue or renewal :

  • 1 year residence certificate "private and family life"
  • 10-year residence certificate for Algerian