What if you find an identity card or passport declared lost or stolen?

Verified 24 August 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister), Ministry of the Interior

If you have made a declaration of loss or theft of a national identity card or passport, the title is invalidated in a computerized manner.

Your identity card or passport therefore cannot be used, because its invalidation is irreversible.

Information concerning the loss or theft of the title is transmitted at international level (Interpol and the Schengen Information System). So you won't be able to use it for travel.

You must apply for a new ID card or passport.

What about the title you find after the declaration of loss or theft?
General case

The identity card or passport found must be sent by mail to the prefecture of your choice.

Who shall I contact
In Paris

You can return your identity card or passport to the Paris Police Department.

You can also return your title to any department of the Paris City Council or to a prefecture.

Who shall I contact
Who shall I contact
Who shall I contact