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What is school insurance for?

Verified 20 April 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

School insurance protects your child from damage caused or suffered at school, college or high school. In principle, school insurance is optional. However, it may be mandatory in certain circumstances.

In principle, you do not have to purchase school insurance for your child.

Thus, for all compulsory school activities, i.e. those included in the student's schedule, insurance is optional.

Example :

For a trip to the swimming pool or the gym, school insurance is not compulsory.

However, it will be required for optional activities organized by the establishment (museum visit, language stay, discovery classes, etc.).

You must also take out school insurance if your child attends the canteen. This is also the case if he participates in activities organized by the communes after school time (supervised studies, cultural or sports activities).

School insurance protects your child from damage caused or suffered at school, college or high school.

It consists of the following 2 guarantees:

  • The liability guarantee covers damage caused by the child.
  • The personal injury guarantee covers the damage suffered by the child, including the injury to himself.

The school insurance contract may also offer additional guarantees. Examples: racketeering or miscellaneous theftsupport services enabling a sick child to continue home schooling.

Depending on the formula chosen:

  • Guarantees cover your child during school activities and the journey from home to school, back and forth (usually called school insurance).
  • They cover it 24 hours a day, anywhere and all year round, including during leisure activities and holiday periods (usually called extra-curricular insurance).

You can purchase this insurance from your regular insurer. You can also join a collective contract offered by a parents' association or a private educational institution.

Check before you do not already benefit from the guarantees of the school insurance in another insurance contract. For example, the liability guarantee for school insurance may be covered by your insurance home multirisk. Certain personal contracts (individual accident guarantee or accident of life guarantee) may also guarantee the physical injury suffered by the child.

For the purchase of a specific contract, the cost is fixed by the insurance company. Prices generally start around €10 per year per child.

If your child changes schools or institutions, you must notify your insurer.