What is the classification of diplomas by level?

Verified 19 April 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The nomenclature diplomas by level is used to indicate type of training required to hold a position in the professional world.

It shall be used, in particular, for administrative assistance.

Tableau - Training and corresponding degree level

Title of the diploma

Diploma level

HEADING: titleContent, BEP: titleContent

3 (formerly V)


4 (formerly IV)

DEUG: titleContent, BTS: titleContent, DUT: titleContent, DEUST: titleContent

5 (formerly III)

Bachelor's degree, business license, AIM: titleContent

6 (formerly II)


6 (formerly II)

Master, Diploma in Advanced Studies, Diploma in Specialized Graduate Studies, Diploma in Engineering

7 (formerly I)

PhD, empowerment to conduct research

8 (formerly I)


if you have at least 3 children or if you are a high level sportsman, you can, under conditions, pass some open competitions without having the level of diploma requested.