Can an employer object to an employee being sworn to a jury?

Verified 25 January 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

No, no, no. The employer may not prohibit the employee from attending a sitting jury.


This is a obligation a citizen who imposes herself on the employer. The employer's agreement is therefore not necessary.

However, the employee must inform his employer of his absence by giving him a copy of the summons as soon as he has received it.

The employer cannot penalize the employee because of his absence to perform a jury duty (whether it is a disciplinary sanction, a dismissal, or discriminatory measures).


During his absence, the employee's employment contract is suspended. He then receives no remuneration from his employer.

However, the employee shall be entitled to a compensation for loss of professional income (on application and on justification to the Assize Court).

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