Can we challenge the score obtained on an exam?

Verified 12 March 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Yeah. Yeah. If you are unhappy with the score obtained on a National or University Education examination, you can ask to consult your copy and make a claim.

To view your copy, you (or your legal representative if you are a minor) must make the written request to the examination center. Contact information is usually provided on your meeting notice.


for oral tests, you can request a review of your scorecard.

You can consult your copy on site, without being able to win.

You will be able to check that there were no material errors, such as a point count or transcription error between the copy and the note statement.

However, you cannot claim a second correction of your copy, even if the score obtained on the examination is very different from those obtained during your schooling or training. The review board does not have to justify its decision because it is sovereign.

You can request to view your copy during a 1-year period from the publication of the results. Copies shall be destroyed after this period.


private higher education and training centers may refuse your application if the relevant diploma is not recognized by the State.

You can challenge the score with the authority that awarded it (rectorate for example). This is a ex gratia appeal. You can do this if you notice a material error, a problem in the performance of the test or in the examiner's attitude.

You must make the appeal within a period of 2 months following the date of notification of the bill.

Ways to do this differ depending on the type of exam you are taking:

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National Education Review

The steps differ depending on your geographical location.

In Île-de-France
In another region

You must make a complaint by post to the rectorate of the academy where you took the exam.

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University Diploma

You will have to make a complaint by letter to the president of the university.

If your claim does not succeed, you can refer the matter to the Ombudsman for National Education and Higher Education.

Refer the matter to the Ombudsman for National Education and Higher Education

You can also make a litigation before the administrative court of the place where the administration which took the decision refusing the application is situated.

You may make the appeal within a period of 2 months following the date of refusal of the ex gratia appeal.

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