What are the possible orientations after the third grade?

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Class of 3è, your child must specify his or her personal study project and choose an orientation.

To help him, he participates, with you, in a personalized orientation interview conducted by the principal teacher of the class.

Your child should choose one of the 3 possible orientation paths after middle school:

  • Second General and Technological
  • Professional Second
  • Certificate of Professional Fitness (CAP) - 1re year.

In the second general, your child will be able to choose, in addition to the teachings of the common core, optional teachings. For example, design creation and culture, biotechnology.

At the end of the second class, he will have to choose the specialties of the baccalaureate that he will prepare.

To help him in his choices, he will have 2 hours personalized support.

The training takes place in 3 years for a general or technological bac.

Please note

some technology degrees are prepared from a specific second. This is the case for the technological bachelor's degrees in Hospitality and Restaurant Science and Technology (STHR) and Music and Dance Techniques (TMD). This is also the case for the patents of technicians (BT) draftsmen in applied arts and the professions of music.

The second professional allows your child to spend a professional baccalaureate after 3 years of training.

There are about 75 specialties a professional baccalaureate. The training includes general, vocational and on-the-job training.

Your child also benefits from a personalized accompaniment.

He may, under certain conditions, pursue further training after having obtained one of these diplomas.

Please note

during the training, your child may receive a vocational studies certificate (BEP).

The CAP forms in 2 years young people to particular techniques to practice a particular trade.

The training includes general, vocational and technological courses and periods of vocational training.

After graduation, your child can also enter a professional first class.


your child can also obtain CAP by learning.

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