School canteen in middle school and high school

Verified 23 November 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Your child eats in the canteen of his school and you wonder about the organization of this service? The department is responsible for school catering at the college. The region is responsible for the high school region. Conditions of attendance, price, course and composition of a meal: here are the rules to know about the school canteen in middle school and high school.

No, the school catering service in colleges and high schools is optional.

When the school catering service is available, you can register your child there.

The community in charge of the service must specify the conditions of access to school catering. However, your social situation should not be an obstacle to the registration of your child. For example, it is illegal to reserve access to the school canteen for children whose parents are working.

The rates school canteen are determined by the department for colleges, and the region for high schools.

The state or region may choose to apply to the price on family quotient. This makes it possible toadapt therates according to your income and expenses.

Sometimes you can benefit fromhelp to pay your child's canteen fees.

You must contact thesocial worker of the college or secondary school or the secretariat of the school.

The aid is awarded by the head of the establishment. He informs you at the beginning of the school year of the conditions for the allocation of this social fund.

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The meal should last at least 30 minutes, not including the possibility of waiting for the service.

Menus must respect a nutritional balance. The portion size is adapted to the type of dish and the age group.

The school lunch consists of the following:

  • 1 main course
  • 1 trim
  • 1 milk product
  • 1 starter and/or 1 dessert

Please note

meals must be made up of 50% sustainable quality products (20% of which are organic).

Water and bread are available for free.

Salt and sauces are served according to the dishes. They are not freely accessible.

The school's menus are generally available on its website.

The department (in middle school) and the region (in high school) are responsible for the composition of the menus.

Depending on the establishment, meals are prepared on site or in the central kitchen.

Please note

there's no snacks in middle school and high school.

If your child has a specific diet due to state of health, the school can offer adapted menus. For this, a individualized reception project (IAP) can be set up.

You can also prepare packed lunches for your child. You are then responsible for the provision of the meal, packaging and transportation. Your child will eat his or her lunch basket in the canteen.

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