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How do I know her pension funds?

Verified 20 mai 2021 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Pension reform project

One universal pension bill shall be examined by Parliament. The retirement rules will be amended. Until the law is published, the information on this page remains current.

Pension funds differ according to your status (employee, civil servant, contractual agent of the civil service, merchant, professional, ...).

What applies to you ?

Depending on your personal situation, the steps to take may vary.

Have you been a private sector employee?
Have you been a farm worker?
Have you been a government official, a magistrate or a military officer?
Have you been a territorial or hospital official?
Have you been a contracting officer of the Public Service?
Were you a government worker?
Have you been an employee of a company or occupation with a particular status?
Have you been a civil aviation flight crew?
Have you been a farmer?
Have you been a craftsman, a trader, an industrialist?
Did you work as a liberal?
Are you an artist or an author of original works?
Have you been a minister of worship?