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Hospital worker maintenance and training passport: what is it?

Verified 29 November 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

As a hospital worker, you receive an interview every year to define your training needs. And you have a training passport that lists the training you have taken or delivered.

Training interview

The purpose of the training interview is to define your training needs.

This interview takes place every year with your supervisor.

During the interview, a reminder of the follow-up given to your previous training requests is carried out.

Your supervisor will work with you to define the training that appears necessary according to your missions and professional perspectives.

You must submit your applications to prepare for competitions, validation of experience, of skills assessment and period of professionalization.

Your supervisor reports on the interview. The training objectives proposed to you are inscribed therein.

The minutes are sent to you and you can add your comments to them.

The report is attached to your individual file.

Your supervisor informs you of the follow-up given to the interview.

If a request for training is refused, the reasons for refusal are communicated to you.

Training Passport

The training passport summarizes the training you have taken or delivered as a trainer.

This document is provided to you by your institution.

The training passport also lists your diplomas and professional experience acquired during training or internships.

The training passport shall also include information on any competency checks carried out.

It shall specify the nature and duration of the training you have received as part of the continuing training.

It mentions the professional certifications you have obtained in the course of continuing training or validation of experience.

The jobs you have worked in and the professional skills you have developed as part of those jobs are recorded in your training passport.

The passport allows you to append the decisions taken during training interviews or as a result of competency checks.

It's up to you to fill out and update your passport during your career.