What is a funeral concession?

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A burial concession is a location in a cemetery (cellar, grave). It can also be a place reserved for funeral ballot boxes in a columbarium. The contract signed with the municipality (concession agreement) specifies the beneficiaries and the duration of the concession.

To be entitled to be buried in a commune, one must be in one of the following situations:

  • To have died in the commune, regardless of the person's domicile
  • Be resident in the municipality
  • Be registered or meet the conditions to be registered on the electoral lists of the commune if you live abroad
  • Benefit from a family concession

If you are not in one of these situations, you have the right to apply for a concession in the commune.

But the mayor may refuse, citing, for example, a lack of space in the cemetery.

Rules and regulations It is useful to consult the cemetery's doctor before filing your application.

Who shall I contact

You must apply for your purchase from the town hall on which the cemetery depends.

Who shall I contact

The concessions are distinguished by the persons to whom they are reserved.

You can find the following concessions:

  • Individual, i.e. reserved for the person who acquired it
  • Collective, i.e. reserved for the persons designated in the concession agreement
  • Family, i.e. reserved for the person who acquired it and for the members of his family


the concession is a mere right of use. The commune remains the owner of the land.

The duration varies according to the following types of concession:

  • Temporary: between 5 years and 15 years
  • 30 years old
  • Fiftieth anniversary: 50 years
  • Perpetual: Unlimited duration


the municipalities do not always offer each type of concession.

The term of a funeral concession shall begin on the date of its acquisition.

The price of a concession is fixed by the city council.

It varies from municipality to municipality.

The price may also vary depending on the location of the concession.

The concession shall belong to the person who acquired it or to its purchasers if there are more than one of them.

After the death of the person holding the concession, it shall belong to its heirs (in division).

If one of the heirs pays for the renewal of the concession, the payment applies to all the heirs.


in case of death of the owner of the concession, remember to give the address of the heirs to the manager of the cemetery.

You must submit your renewal application to the city hall on which the cemetery depends, within 2 years of the concession deadline.

Who shall I contact

Please note

a concession may be extended. It is converted into a longer term license (e.g. a 30-year license into a 50-year license). You have to go to the city hall that granted the concession.

The municipality may take over a concession in the following cases:

  • Non-renewal of a fixed-term license
  • Concession in a state of abandonment

Non-renewal of a fixed-term license

If you do not request the renewal of a limited-term concession, the municipality may take it back.

The concession may be resumed after a period of two years from the expiry of the concession.

The City Hall informs you of its intention to take over the concession by one of the following means:

  • Mail
  • Panel at the foot of the grave

Concession in a state of abandonment

If you do not maintain a concession (perpetual or fiftieth anniversary), the municipality can see its state of abandonment (indecent or dilapidated aspect).

It may then initiate a take-back procedure if the following four conditions are met:

  • The concession is more than 30 years old
  • The last burial was at least 10 years ago
  • The family or person responsible for maintaining the concession shall be informed
  • A waiting period of 1 year from the finding of abandonment is respected

The City Hall informs the following people if it knows them:

  • Descendants (or successors) of the concession owners
  • Possibly persons responsible for maintaining the concession


if the family address is unknown, a notice is posted at the town hall and at the cemetery gate.

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