Prud'hommes: what is the lump sum conciliation allowance?

Verified 03 June 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

When the employee challenges his dismissal to the Labor Council (CPH), he can terminate the dispute as soon as the conciliation procedure, in agreement with the company that dismissed him.

The laid-off employee then receives a called sum lump-sum conciliation allowance.

The amount of this allowance is calculated on the basis of the gross remuneration received by the employee. The amount shall be determined by taking into account a scale, established under the following conditions:

Tableau - Amount of the allowance according to the employee's seniority

Employee's seniority

Amount of compensation

Less than 1 year

2 months salary

Between 1 year and less than 8 years

3 months of salary for 1 year, plus an additional 1 month per year of service

Between 8 years and under 12 years

10 months salary

Between 12 and under 15

12 months salary

Between 15 and under 19

14 months salary

Between 19 and under 23

16 months salary

Between 23 and under 26

18 months salary

Between 26 and under 30

20 months salary

30 years or older

24 months salary

This scale applies only if the dispute concerns the dismissal of the employee. It shall not apply where the hearing is referred back to the court of law of the CPH, in the absence of agreement between the Parties.

Please note

the lump sum conciliation allowance is added to the compensation payable to the employee (severance pay, compensatory allowances of paid leave and notice, contractual indemnity of non-competition ...).