What is an additional hours for the part-time employee?

Verified 21 February 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

A supplementary period is a period of temporary increase in the working time of an employee to part-time. We will explain what you need to remember from the device.

One collective agreement or a extended branch agreement may provide for the possibility, by means of an amendment to the employment contract, of temporarily increasing the duration of the work provided for in the contract of the part-time employee.

Each additional hour shall be subject to a agreeable the employee's employment contract.

The amendment must also specify how employees can benefit primarily from additional hours.

The amendment must specify the duration an increase in the working time during each period of the part-time employee.

The amendment must also specify the period of validity an increase in the working time during each period of the part-time employee.

None statutory ceiling No additional hours are required by the Labor Code.

However, the maximum number of additional hours amendments shall be limited to 8 per year per employee.


The conclusion of an amendment to the hours supplement may not have the effect of increasing the working time of a part-time employee to a level equal to the legal working time of a full-time employee (35 hours per week, 151.67 hours per month and 1,607 hours per year).

The hours worked by the part-time employee during his or her additional hours shall be remunerated at same rate than that provided for in his contract of employment for the other hours.

However, the collective agreement on which the company or a extended branch agreement or the additional agreement signed between the employee and the employer may provide for a increase pay for those hours worked during the complement of hours.

If this is not the case, only the additional hours worked beyond the duration of the additional hours will be increased. In this case, each hour shall be increased by at least 25%.

Example :

An amendment may provide that an employee normally working 24 hours per week is required to work 30 hours per week for 1 month. The hours then carried out between the 25the and 30e hours may not be increased. However, if the employee works 2 additional hours beyond the planned additional hours, the 31e and 32e hours shall be increased by 25% minimum.

Hour complement should not be confused with a additional hour, which does not provide for the same provisions.

The so-called additional hours shall be concluded in a contractual between the employer and the part-time employee (through an amendment to the initial employment contract).

The mechanism d'additional hours is a decision unilateral the employer who requires the part-time employee to work beyond the duration of his contract of employment.

In addition, hours worked as part of additional hours are not necessarily increased, while hours worked as part of additional hours are legally increased from the first hour completed.

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