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What is a part-time employee overtime?

Verified 24 June 2021 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

An overtime period is a period of temporary increase in the working hours of the part-time employee.

Additional hours should not be confused with additional time, which does not provide the same benefits.

Additional hours must be provided for by a collective agreement or an extended branch agreement.

Each additional hour must be attractive the employment contract.

The amendment must specify the length of time worked during this period.

It must also specify the period of validity of each additional hours (no legal ceiling is imposed)

Several amendments may be concluded within one year.

The number of such amendments shall be determined by the Convention or the Agreement.

However, this number must not exceed 8 hours per year per employee.

The hours worked as part of the overtime are not subject to a salary increase.

Employees may work overtime if they work longer than the duration of the overtime.

In this case, each additional hour shall be increased by at least 25%.

Example :

An amendment may provide that an employee usually working 24 hours a week is required to work 30 hours a week for 1 month.

Hours between 25e and 30e hours are not increased.

If the employee works 2 additional hours, the 31e and 32e hours are increased by a minimum of 25%.