Rules and regulations What is co-ownership (building by-law)?

Verified 05 March 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Rules and regulations The joint ownership lists and specifies the conditions of use of the parties private and municipalities listed in co-ownership rules (e.g. respect for building cleanliness, permitted hours for work).

Rules and regulations The joint ownership is not a required document. It's the condominium trustee who decides whether or not to draw it up as part of his general task of administration and conservation of the building.

This document should not be confused with the co-ownership rules which, in turn, is mandatory.

Rules and regulations The joint ownership has not of legal value. However, it may have legal force where it takes over a clause identical of the co-ownership rules.

Example :

Rules and regulations In the event of a legal challenge, the judges may validate a clause of the contract prohibiting a commercial activity in a dwelling if it incorporates an identical clause of the co-ownership regulation.

Rules and regulations The displayed in the building (usually in the lobby) to be known to occupants, owners and tenants.

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