Rules and regulations Should an association have a

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In principle, an association does not not the obligation rules and regulations to have a But, in general, it is advisable to establish one to organize the day-to-day operation of the association. We'll give you the information you need.


In some casesrules and regulations , the drafting of a obligatory. For example, accredited sports federations must adopt one to set penalties for non-compliance with the rules of operation.

Rules and regulations The following associations and federations must adopt a

  • Approved communal or intercommunal hunting associations
  • Associations employing at least 50 or more employees
  • Departmental Federations of Approved Fishing and Aquatic Protection Associations
  • Accredited sports federations and sports associations seeking accreditation

Rules and regulations The goal of the method is to define normal operating rules of the association (access to facilities, use of equipment, relationship between members, payment of contributions,...) and disciplinary rules.

Rules and regulations The user cannot modify or contradict the statutes.

In the event of a contradiction, the statutes shall prevail.

Rules and regulations The person concerned may include the procedural rules for imposing a penalty and, where appropriate, the scale of the penalties (warning, temporary exclusion, suspension, final exclusion).

Rules and regulations The processor may also provide for its review conditions and the frequency of its reviews (e.g. every 5 years).

Rules and regulations For sports associations, this may include other elements such as the booking and cancelation of courses and lessons, the use of equipment, access to the bar, and the organization of volunteer services.

A template is available:

Rules and regulations Association's template for

Rules and regulations The method can be developed as soon as the association is established. It can be drawn up at the same time as the statutes and can even be integrated.

The association can also write one later.

Rules and regulations In order to be binding on the members, the proposal must be adopted by the competent body designated by the statutes (e.g. the general meeting, the board of directors, the president).

Rules and regulations The person does not have to be declared in the prefecture or court or published in the JOAFE: titleContent or in a legal ad journal.

Rules and regulations The following should be made known to the members. It can be consulted on request or posted in a place accessible to members.

It is binding on members like the statutes and is not applicable to third parties (i.e. persons outside the association).

Please note

If the association has a public service mission and the regulation defines the organization of this service, it is binding on third parties.

Rules and regulations Association's template for

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