Prohibition of Vaping (Electronic Cigarette)

Verified 01 September 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Where is it not possible to use e-cigarettes? Vaping is prohibited in schools and establishments for the reception, training and accommodation of minors. The same applies to closed means of public transport in workplaces, closed and covered for collective use. There are penalties. We're doing an update on the regulations.

In some public or work places, it is forbidden to use an electronic cigarette.

Tableau - Prohibition on vaping


Prohibition on vaping

Public or private educational establishment (schools, colleges, high schools, universities)


Apprenticeship Training Centers (ATC)


Establishment intended, or regularly used, for the reception, training, accommodation or sports practice of minors


Health facility (excluding closed and covered collective workspaces without public reception as an operating room)

NO, unless the person in charge of the premises decides otherwise

Public enclosed and covered place (restaurant, cafe, shopping center, disco, etc.)

NO, unless the person in charge of the premises decides otherwise

Collective place of work without public reception


Collective workplace with public welcome

NO, unless the person in charge of the premises decides otherwise

Individual office

NO, unless the person in charge of the premises decides otherwise

Children's playground (park, public garden...)


Rules and regulations The person responsible for the premises through the may decide to extend the prohibition vaping at all premises under his responsibility.

Please note

The hotel room is treated as a private place. The ban on vaping is based on a decision by the head of the institution.

Sanctions against the person in charge of the premises

The person in charge of the premises is liable to a fine of up to €450 if it does not put up the required signs recalling the principle of the ban on vaping.

Please note

The employer must ensure that health and safety of its workers by setting up prevention, information and training measures.

Penalties against the user

Vaping in a public place is punishable by a fine of up to €150.

The process varies depending on who wants the offense to be found.

  • The labor inspectorate control officer or a similar control officer may identify violations of the prohibition on vaping. In this case, he shall draw up a report in duplicate, one of which shall be sent to the Prefect of the department and the other shall be lodged at the parquet floor.
  • A person who wants lodge a complaint must contact the public prosecutor or the police to give a statement. The offense must be recorded by a judicial police officer. He may enter the company only with the authorization of the employer or after having received a warrant from an investigating judge.
  • Associations declared at least 5 years ago at the time of the events, whose statutes provide for the fight against smoking, may civil party. The same applies to approved consumer associations and family associations attached to the National Union of Family Associations (Unaf).