What should a proxy voter do?

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Proxy voting

If you are asked to vote in the place of another voter, on the day of the vote, you must go to his office. You vote in his place, after presenting your identity card. You don't need any other documents.

A voter has asked you to vote for him in an election (European, presidential, legislative, municipal, departmental...) or in a referendum.

For this purpose, this voter has previously makes a proxy vote.

He informed you that you must vote for him, and told you his polling station.

Indeed, you must vote for him in his polling station.

To check his polling station and power of attorney, you can use this online service:

Verify your voter registration and polling station


If you are a New Caledonia voter, you need to know your polling station using from another online service.

To vote on election day in place of another voter, you must go to their polling station and have your own identity document.

You do not need to have the voter's electoral map or any other document that instructed you to vote for him or her.

The single document that you need to present is your identification.

Example :

You are registered on the electoral list of the city of Anzin and your polling station is No. 2 (in Anzin).

A voter registered on the electoral list of the city of Denain and whose polling station is No. 1 (in Denain) has instructed you to vote in his place.

To vote in place of this voter, on election day, you must go to Denain at office number 1 and present your ID.

On the day of the vote, the elector who instructed you to vote in his or her place may go to his or her polling station and vote personally, provided that he or she does so before you.

He doesn't need to terminate the power of attorney.

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