Criminal Record Bulletin No. 2: How is the request made?

Verified 03 June 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Are you applying for a position for which the number 2 of your criminal record is requested? Please note that you cannot request a copy of this document yourself. Indeed, Bulletin No. 2 of the criminal record is issued only to certain public authorities and certain employers.

If you want to know the contents of your B2, you must ask to consult the full contents of your criminal record.

You will have access to the 3 criminal record bulletins.

You must send a request by free mail to the public prosecutor of the correctional court competent for your home.

Who shall I contact

The consultation is done on site.

You cannot make a photocopy of the full record of your criminal record.

The Criminal Record Bulletin No. 2 may be issued to the following authorities at their request:

  • Prefects and public administrations of the State, for the exercise of their tasks
  • Military authorities, on youth engagement
  • Public authorities competent for the examination of disputes concerning the exercise of electoral rights
  • Administrations, legal persons or bodies responsible for supervising the pursuit of a professional or social activity
  • Presidents of commercial courts, for bankruptcy and judicial settlement proceedings, and judges responsible for supervising the commercial register, for the examination of applications for registration
  • Presidents of departmental councils dealing with an application for approval for adoption
  • Competent authorities designated by the Minister of Justice for the follow-up of criminal or disciplinary sanctions imposed on a professional by another European country
  • Authorities competent to receive declarations of candidacy for an election, to check the mention of certain penalties
  • Competent authorities of a foreigner country pursuant to an international convention

Bulletin No 2 may be issued to directors of bodies governed by public or private law who exercise a cultural, educational or social activity with minors.

The document may be issued to them only for the needs related to the recruitment of a person who will or may be in contact with minors.

Bodies authorized to consult Bulletin No. 2 may not apply directly to the judicial services. They must go through a specialized administrative authority, depending on their sector of activity. For example, the departmental directorate for youth and sports or the regional or departmental director for youth judicial protection.

It is the administrative authority that makes the request to the judicial services and receives the bulletin n°2.

It will send the bulletin to the head of the organization authorized to consult it only if there is no mention of a conviction.

Otherwise, the administrative authority must inform the head of the body that Bulletin No 2 cannot be issued to him, because it contains one or more convictions.

In this case, the administrative authority must inform the manager whether or not the bulletin contains convictions which would prevent the person concerned from being hired.

The request for the issue of the report card and the response of the criminal record shall be made through the following administrative authorities:

  • Departmental Youth, Engagement and Sports Service for Educational Centers for Recreation or Vacation of Minors
  • Regional Director for the Judicial Protection of Youth or, in the overseas departments, Departmental Director for the Judicial Protection of Youth, for juvenile or adult centers protected by the courts
  • Departmental service responsible for health and social affairs, for the centers of life and reception, the centers of education and support, and the centers of early medical and social action for minors placed by the courts or with social difficulties