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Template: File a complaint with civil party

Allows you to lodge a complaint directly with the investigating judge. To be addressed to the court of the place of the offense or of the domicile of the perpetrator.

« [Your name and contact details] »

« The examining magistrate, »

« I hereby have the honor to file a complaint with the parties »

« against [ specify X if you do not know the perpetrator otherwise: name, first name, address of the suspect] .. »

« for [if you know what the offense is: insults, intentional injury, breach of trust.....] »

« Here are the facts [summarize in detail the circumstances of the case: date, place...] .. »

« Attached are the supporting documents and testimonies supporting these claims. »

If you are in the case where a simple prior complaint is mandatory, complete the following sentence:

« The simple complaint addressed to the public prosecutor did not succeed on the ground that: [indicate whether your simple complaint has been dismissed or has not been answered for more than 3 months] .. Attached are the supporting documents »

« In accordance with article 88 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the amount of the sum that I will have to enter in the registry of your court. This amount must be determined taking into account my income which is [enter your monthly income] net per month »..

However, if your income is very low, you ask not to pay any deposit. In this case, replace the previous entry with the following:

« In accordance with article 88 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, given my limited resources, [enter your monthly income] net per month, and given the importance of the matter, i ask you to be exempted from paying a deposit to the registry. »

Please accept the expression of my distinguished greetings.


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