Filing a complaint with the formation of a civil party (Model document)

Before completing this document, check whether you meet the requirements for to lodge a complaint with the constitution of civil party before an investigating judge.

Your complaint should be addressed to the court of law of the place of the offense or the domicile of the perpetrator.

Who shall I contact

[Your name and contact information]

Dear Investigating Judge,

I hereby have the honor to file a civil claim against [indicate X if you do not know the perpetrator otherwise indicate the name, forename and address of the suspect] for [give the legal classification of the offense if you know it (theft, fraud, breach of trust ...)].

[Then, detail the facts you believe you are the victim of, including the date and place of the facts].

Supporting evidence and testimony to support these claims is attached.

[If you are in the case where a prior simple complaint is not mandatory, delete the following sentence:]

The simple complaint to the public prosecutor [keep the relevant notice:] was dismissed on [specify date] / went unanswered for more than 3 months. Attached are the supporting documents.

In accordance with article 88 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, I would be grateful if you could inform me of the amount of the sum I will have to deposit with the registry of your jurisdiction. This amount must be determined taking into account my income of [enter your monthly net income per month].

[If your income is very low, you ask not to pay a deposit. In this case, replace the previous two sentences with the following sentence]

In accordance with Article 88 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, in view of my limited resources, namely [indicate your net monthly income per month], and in view of the importance of the case, I request that you be exempted from paying a deposit to the Registry.

Please accept, Madam/Mr. Investigating Judge, my distinguished greetings.


Verified 22 July 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

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