Association: Pre-Declaration Model for an Event on the Public Road (Document Model)

[Name, address and telephone number of the association or collective]

[Name, address and telephone number of legal representative]

TO [location] , on [date]

[Address of the City Hall or Prefecture]

Madam or Mr. Mayor (or Madam or Mr. Prefect),

I would like to inform you that the association (or the collective) wishes to organize [specify event type] , under the name [specify the event name]  :

  • the [date or date of ...] [to...] [included,]
  • to [location(s)]

The proper functioning of the event requires a temporary occupation of the public domain by the association (or collective):

  • the [date or from ...inclusive]
    start time: [specify the time]
    end time: [specify the time]
  • at the following location(s):
    place [s]  : [specify]
    boulevard [s] /avenue [s] /street [s]  : [specify]
    park [s] /garden [s]  : [specify]
    around the [of] building [s] public [s] : [specify]

I estimate the maximum number of people who could be in the same place at the same time at [indicate the number] .

Please find attached the list of persons mandated to ensure the proper organization of the event, with their name, first name, domicile and means of contact:

[First name, last name, home of the organizers of the event living in the department where the event takes place]

I would be pleased to provide any additional information you may find useful.

Please accept, Madam or Mr. Mayor (or Madam or Mr. Prefect), the assurance of my distinguished consideration.

[First name, last name and signature of one of the organizers mentioned above]

Verified 23 January 2023 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

For details, please use the practical information sheets :

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