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Template: Attachment slip for a rename folder

To be attached to the rename folder. Check the boxes corresponding to the parts contained in the folder.

[Original name in uppercase]

[Name(s) requested in order of priority]

[ ] 1. Reasoned application on free paper, including all particulars of the civil status and occupation of the persons concerned, dated and signed by the applicant(s)

[ ] 2. Opinion (consent or opposition), on free paper, of the second parent, on the change of name requested for the minor child, or the authorization of the guardianship judge

[ ] 3. Free paper consent of each child over 13 years of age included in the application

[ ] 4. Birth certificate of less than 3 months in full copy of the applicant.

[ ] 5. Birth certificate of less than 3 months in full copy of each minor child included in the application and of each minor child over 13 years who has consented thereto.

[ ] 6. Bulletin No. 3 of the original criminal record of each major person concerned by the application.

[ ] 7. Printing of the pdf file of the authenticated electronic OJ extract

[ ] 8. The entire page(s) and original of the legal notice log

[ ] 9. Copy of the valid national identity card or certificate of French nationality or copy of the birth certificate bearing one of the particulars provided for in article 28 of the Civil Code or copy of the expression of will to acquire French nationality registered by the magistrate or declaration of acquisition of French nationality registered by the magistrate judge or copy of the extension of the naturalization decree or copy of the passport

[ ] 10. Supporting documents (supporting documents)

[ ] 11. Attachment form.

[Date, signature]

Verified 26 novembre 2019 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

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