Driving license: application for registration as part of a return to the license (following a cancelation or invalidation of the driving license) (Online service)

National Securities Agency (NSA)

Your driver's license has been invalidated or canceled and you wish to register to take the theoretical (code) and/or practical driving license tests.

The online service, available in English only, is accessible via FranceConnect or with your credentials ANTS: titleContent .

If you do not have ANTS credentials, it is proposed to create an account to have a personal space on the ANTS website.

Steps to follow :

1/ Sign in or create an account ANTS: titleContent

2/ Click on "New request"

3/ Choose the reason for your request:

"I'm signing up for be able to show me the tests driving license"

Then specify: “ as part of a return to the license (following invalidation or cancelation of the driving license)

4/ Complete the following entries and add the required supporting documents

5/ Confirm the approach

6/ Follow its progress in your ANTS space. The average treatment time is 2 weeks.

Go to the online procedure

Verified 11 January 2023 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)