What is FranceConnect for?

Verified 13 July 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

FranceConnect is a digital authentication device guaranteeing a user's identity to user sites or applications by relying on existing accounts for which his identity has already been verified.

FranceConnect, is the government’s solution to secure and simplify the connection to more than 1,000 online services.

Service-public.fr is a partner of FranceConnect. You will therefore be able to create an account and identify yourself using an already existing account, called “identity provider” (impots.gouv.fr, ameli.fr, La Poste's Digital Identity, msa.fr).

To do this, choose "Sign in with FranceConnect" in the account creation window. Select one of the partners shown. Then enter the usernames and passwords requested by the selected partner. If you already have a service-public.fr account, you will be offered to link it directly to FranceConnect.

The FranceConnect history allows the user to follow all the actions of connection and data exchange, in complete transparency, and to be informed of any activity carried out on the different online services, partners of FranceConnect.

To end the link, choose the "Connection, security and setting" pane in the Service-Public.fr account. Then choose the button "Remove my link with FranceConnect".

As service-public.fr, many services (Taxes, Ameli, Retirement, etc.) allow the connection with FranceConnect.

For a list see the website of FranceConnect: https://franceconnect.gouv.fr/nos-services