The association area

Verified 13 July 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Share the space of your association with whomever you want and gain interactivity and autonomy!

How does it work?

Do you want to allow other members of your association to access its space on

It's simple:

  • From the "User Management" tab, simply enter the email address of the person you want to invite.
  • You can retry the person if they are late in responding to your invitation.
  • You can also cancel an invitation.

How to join the association space after invitation?

  • The invited person receives an email indicating who invites him and the name of the space of the association.
  • After accepting, she is redirected to a page that allows her to activate her access to the space of the association to which she is invited.
  • All he has to do is enter a password to access the space and become a member.
  • The person can access the space of the association whenever he wants by logging in through his personal email and his password.


All members have the same rights!

Right to invite other members to share the space of the association

Other members of the team space can view the invitations from the dashboard and in the "user management" space.

Right to remove other members from the association's space

  • The person whose access to the space has been deleted, as well as all other members of the space of the association are then notified by email of this deletion. The email of the excluded person and the email of the person who performed this action are indicated in the email.
  • This information is also accessible to all members of the association space on the dashboard.

Right to add documents in the "Documents" area

  • All members can view all documents.
  • All members can delete a document- Any addition or deletion of documents is mentioned in the dashboard. The name of the person responsible for adding or deleting it shall be clearly indicated.

Right to make an online application

  • In the dashboard all members can see the steps taken by each member and the progress of these steps.
  • A draft can be resumed or deleted only by the member who created it.

Right to remove space from association

All members can close the team space.

To delete a team space, first of all, we have to remove access to this space for all other members. Each member is alerted by email each time a space access deletion has been performed. The email of the excluded person and the email of the person who did this action are indicated in the email.

It is then possible to close the association space when all members have been excluded.

Before the deletion, a message informs of the finality of this action and invites the user to save by downloading all the documents present in the space of the association.

With the dashboard you can easily track your activities within the space of your association, but also all those carried out by the other members of the space of the association.

  • Invitations and exclusions: Who was invited or excluded. Who did it.
  • Added and Deleted Documents: Who added or deleted a document.
  • The steps taken online: who has taken a step and what is its status.

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