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Health pass: required since June 9 for access to gatherings of more than 1,000 people

Publié le 10 juin 2021 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

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From 9 June and until 30 September 2021, a health pass is put in place on a temporary basis to accompany the French back to normal life while minimising the risk of contamination. It is not necessary for all activities in everyday life: workplaces, supermarkets, public services, restaurants and cinemas. It is required to participate in events hosting more than 1,000 people where brewing is more at risk from the public health: large concert halls, sports or cultural events, festivals, fairs and lounges... A decree was issued in Official Journal June 8, 2021. explains the terms.

What is the health pass?

The health pass consists of presenting, in digital format (via « My Booklet » of AllAntiCovid application ) or paper, proof of non-contamination of the Covid, among the following 3 (one of these 3 proof is enough):

  1. The vaccination certificate , provided that persons have a complete vaccination scheme:
    • 2 weeks after 2e injection for dual injection vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca);
    • 4 weeks after injection for single injection vaccines (Janssen/Johnson & Johnson);
    • 2 weeks after the vaccine was injected in people who had Covid (only 1 injection).

    Since May 27, all vaccinated persons can recover their vaccination certificate on the Health Insurance Portal by connecting via France Connect . In addition, any health care professional can find a vaccination certificate and print it out if a person requests it.
  2. Evidence of a negative RT-PCR or antigenic test of less than 48h for access to the major events concerned and of a maximum of 72h for border health control. All PCR and antigenic tests generate proof as soon as the result is entered by the professional in the SI-DEP database, which can be printed live and which is also made available to the patient via an email and an SMS to go and retrieve it on SI-DEP .
  3. The result of a positive RT-PCR or antigenic test attesting to the recovery of the Covid, dating from at least 15 days and less than 6 months. It allows to indicate a limited risk of reinfection to Covid-19. The process to retrieve its positive test evidence is the same as for negative tests via SI-DEP.

  Warning : The current time limits for the validity of the tests, 48h or 72h, depending on the case, are strict at the time of entry to the event or boarding (no flexibility at 2 or 3 days).

  FYI : The RT-PCR and negative and positive antigenic test results and vaccination certificates are already officially certified. This process avoids possible fraud related to the presentation of false test results.

How does this health pass work?

In numeric format: integrate its evidence into TousAntiCovid Carnet

Each user can integrate their scanned evidence into the « Notebook » AllAntiCovid application for easy storage and presentation of certificates for travel or events where a health pass is required. It is also possible to store evidence for your children or other relatives.

  Please note : A free telephone support device is available to users 7days a week, from 9am to 8pm to 0 800 08 71 48.

A guide to retrieve and store your test and vaccination certificate is also available in the AllAntiCovid FAQ.

Paper format

It is also possible to use the health pass in paper format by directly presenting the various documents requested (RT-PCR test or vaccination certificate).

Who's he talking to?

The pass applies from the age of 11 years, consistent with the recommended age for naso-pharyngeal RT-PCR tests. For children, since vaccination is currently not permitted, the test will be proof enough. It can be RT-PCR or antigenic (salivary or nasopharyngeal). It is mandatory for all persons over 11 years old who want to go to Corsica or overseas.

Foreigner tourists must also comply with the obligation to pass in the places where it is in force.

  FYI : The pass does not apply to employees of structures requiring the health pass. It is also not required for organisers or professionals who perform in these venues.

Who can ask for my Health Pass and what data is available?

To manage the verification of the health pass, the proof documents (paper or digital) have a QR code that can be flashed using the application TousAntiCovid Verif by the operators of the establishments receiving the public or organisers of events concerned by the pass.

This application will have the minimum reading level with just the information pass valid/invalid and name, without further disclosure of health information.

Technical work is also underway to interface the sanitary pass with ticketing software.

  Please note : The use of the health pass is authorised until 30 September 2021 by the Law of 31 May 2021 on the management of the health crisis.

The places concerned

Establishments for which a health pass is required in the event of an audience of more than 1,000:

  • capitals, theatres, sports or cultural venues, conference rooms;
  • trade fairs and exhibition fairs (gauge imposed on each exhibition hall);
  • theme parks (only for the categories of establishments that make up the park, such as a restaurant inside the park);
  • outdoor festivals (sitting or standing);
  • large casinos;
  • stadiums, outdoor and sports facilities covered;
  • outdoor sporting competitions (if feasibility conditions are established);
  • cruises and passenger boats with accommodation for more than 1,000 passengers;
  • other events, when they are specifically located (a community-organised ball, for example).

  Please note : The pass only concerns events or places involving large gatherings for leisure purposes, which can be scheduled. It reduces the risk of epidemic spread and minimises the likelihood of contamination in risk situations. However, access to restaurants, public services, gyms, supermarkets, museums, cinemas, theatres or cultural monuments is not affected by the health pass.

What prospects for travel?

In order to travel within the European Union, it is not currently necessary to justify the reason for travelling, but pre-test requirements (-72h) are required.

From 1to  July 2021, the health pass will be implemented under the « digital green certificate » (digital green pass), the objective of which is to enable the movement of persons between the countries of the European Union to resume in a secure manner. This certificate may include proof of vaccination, a negative test result or proof of recovery of the Covid less than 6 months. States may also establish additional health measures if they are necessary and proportionate (testing, quarantine...).

Since June 9, 2021, tourist flows have been reopened under new conditions.

  Warning : The choice of health pass does not exclude the application of barrier gestures and physical distance.


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