Parliamentary Elections 2022

What health protocol in polling stations?

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No conditions of access, such as proof of COVID-19 vaccination, a certificate of recovery or a virological test, will be required for voters going to polling stations for the parliamentary elections on June 12 and 19. Masks are strongly recommended for the elderly, immunocompromised, symptomatic, case contacts, as well as for those who have tested positive and are in isolation, who will be voting.

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The health protocol defined by the Covid-Elections Liaison Committee for the presidential elections of 10 and 24 April 2022 remains in force for the legislative elections.

Voters and persons participating in the organization or conduct of the poll shall not be required to provide proof of vaccination, certificate of recovery or virological test.

There is no limit to the number of voters present at a polling station. However, access can be regulated and entry and exit must be separated to avoid situations of high promiscuity.

Masks and physical distancing rules are not mandatory, but masks are still strongly recommended for:

  • elderly, immunocompromised, chronically ill and frail people and their carers;
  • symptomatic people;
  • contacts at risk of severe disease.

Voters and those participating in the organization or conduct of the vote will have surgical masks available to them, should they wish to wear them.

A handwashing point or hydro-alcoholic gel will be made available to voters in two separate locations to avoid cross-flow. The equipment made available to voters (pens, storage, ballot boxes, voting booths) will be cleaned frequently during the voting.

Frail persons will be able to request priority access from outside the polling station.

Deputy returning officers may ask voters wearing masks to remove them briefly to verify their identity.

The polling station will be ventilated for 10 minutes every hour, or as indicated by CO2 sensors if the polling room is equipped with them.

Self-tests will be available to those involved in the organization or conduct of the vote. Such tests shall be the sole responsibility of the tellers who wish to carry them out, and shall not be subject to any verification. However, in the event of a positive test, the scrutineer concerned will be asked to respect the wearing of the mask, to isolate himself immediately and not to take part in the counting.

Compliance with barrier gestures, including hand washing and regular ventilation, is strongly recommended during skinning operations. Depending on the capacity of the room where the counting will be organized, the president of the polling station will be able to regulate the number of people present, in order to avoid situations of too close proximity. It will be up to him to organize a rotation during the counting between the voters present if those who wish to do so cannot attend because of this regulation.

Please note

Confirmed cases of people with COVID-19, who are normally in isolation, will be eligible to vote. Masks will be strongly recommended if the day of the vote is during the isolation period, or for the next 7 days.