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Bafa: you can sign up at the age of 16!

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Are you 16 years old? You can now register for the Bafa (Certificate of Qualification for Facilitation) at that age, as provided for in the Decree issued in Official Journal October 14, 2022. Update on this new provision.

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The decree authorizing education at Bafa from the age of 16 entered into force on October 15, 2022. You no longer have to wait until you are 17 to register, you must be at least 16 on the first day of the general training session. The next sessions of the 2022 All Saints’ Day holidays will therefore be able to welcome 16-year-olds, if they have time to register beforehand.

The Certificate of Suitability for the post of Director (BAFD) is still open from the age of 18 and allows the holder to hold the post of Director of Recreational Hospitality or Holiday Stays for a period of 5 years.

According to a clarification provided by the Directorate of Youth, Popular Education and Associations (DJEPVA), candidates will be able to create their training folder from 15 years and 6 months.

This measure to lower the minimum age for preparing for Bafa is intended to compensate for the almost continuous decline in the number of diploma holders over the past 10 years, while the need for facilitators is still supported. On the other hand, this reduction responds to the wish of most young people to be able to engage in a casual activity at the time of their majority by having followed the entire curriculum.


In order to obtain the Bafa, you must take two theoretical training sessions and one practical training course, which must take place in the following order:

  • a general training session: acquire the basic knowledge to perform the facilitation functions (minimum 8 days);
  • a practical training course (in France only): implementing the learning and experimentation (14 days minimum);
  • a deepening session (minimum 6 days) or a qualification session (minimum 8 days): deepen, complete, analyze learning outcomes and training needs.

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