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Certificate of fitness for the duties of facilitator (Bafa)

Verified 20 October 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Want to be an animator in group reception rooms for minors (summer camp, leisure centre...)? The Bafa certificate allows you to do this. You must be at least 17 years old. Obtaining Bafa is subject to paid theoretical and practical training. You can benefit from financial assistance.

The Bafa is a non-professional diploma.

It allows you to supervise children and teenagers, on a non-professional basis and on an occasional basis.

The training at Bafa aims to prepare you to perform the following functions:

  • Ensure the physical and moral security of minors and in particular raise their awareness of the risks associated with addictive behaviour or behaviours, in particular those related to sexuality
  • Participate in the reception, communication and development of relations between the different actors
  • Participate, within a team, in the implementation of an educational project in line with the educational project
  • Surround and animate daily life and activities
  • Support minors in the implementation of their projects

It is also intended to enable you to develop your skills, including:

  • Build a quality relationship with members of the teaching team and minors and ensure that discrimination is prevented
  • Transmit and share the values of the Republic (e.g. secularism)

To attend training at the Bafa, you must have at least 16 years 1to day of the (general) training session.

Administrative registration is allowed 3 months before.

You must register by accessing the registration online service at the Bafa.

You must click on your area of residence.

Bafa and BAFD Registration

Remember to send a two-sided copy of your ID via your personal area.

Please note

this online service gives you access to the list of training organisations (national and regional) that you can contact.


To obtain the Bafa diploma, you have to take 2 theoretical training sessions and 1 practical training course, which must take place in the following order:

  1. Session general training, which allows you to acquire the basic concepts to perform the animation functions (minimum 8 days)
  2. Practical Stage in a holiday stay, a scouting reception or a leisure reception that allows you to implement the acquired knowledge and experimentation (14 days minimum)
  3. Sessiondeepening (6 days minimum) or qualification (8 days minimum) that allows you to deepen, supplement, analyse your learning and training needs

The deepening or qualifying session can take place abroad.

Total training duration

The total duration of the training may not exceed 30 months.

Beyond that, you lose the benefit of the steps already taken.


Training is not free.

It varies depending on the training organisation.

Several types of aid exist, in particular those offered by the family allowance funds (Caf or MSA).

General case

Your Family Allowance Fund (Caf) can help you fund your Bafa.

There are the following 2 types of aid:

  • National assistance, without conditions of resources, in the amount of €91.47 (increased by €15.24 if the deepening is focused on early childhood)
  • Local aid (get closer to your Caf to know the conditions)

Bafa: Caf financial aid application form

Check with your department's Caf.

Who shall I contact
You are covered by the agricultural scheme (MSA)

Some funds of the MSA (Social Farm Mutuality) offer assistance to finance the Bafa training.

Who shall I contact

You can also check with your local council or Pôle emploi (if you are a jobseeker) to find out what financial assistance you have access to.

Some departmental or regional councils also grant aid.

Who shall I contact


if you perform or have performed a civic duty mission in 2022, you may receive a discount of €100 on your Bafa. You can take advantage of this assistance until December 31, 2023, by presenting your volunteer card (or your civic service contract) to the training organisation.

At the end of the cycle, the 3 steps validated by the session directors are examined by the jury of the Bafa of the regional academic delegation to youth, commitment and sports (DRAJES).

It's this jury that grants you the diploma or not.

The patent is issued by the Rector of the Academic Region of your place of residence.

If you do not complete the diploma, you have 12 months to start the unvalidated training sessions or practical course again.


you can then pass the certificate of fitness for the duties of Director (BAFD) or add a qualifying session (sailing, canoeing, motorcycle leisure activities, bathing supervision). You can also join a vocational training to specialise in an activity (climbing, mountain biking...).

The Bafa has a period of validity unlimited.

The functions of animation may be exercised, under conditions, by the holders of certain diplomas whose list is fixed by decree (e.g. diplomas issued by the Federation of French scouting).

No duplicate of the Bafa is issued in case of loss.

However, you can request a certificate of graduation.

To do this, you must find out about the following site by selecting your region:

Bafa Site - BAFD

If you have used this site as soon as you registered, the certificate is available online.


If you have changed your name since the Bafa, you must specify the name under which you graduated.

Bafa and BAFD Registration

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