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Certificate of Qualification for Director (BAFD)

Verified 20 October 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The certificate of aptitude for the functions of director (BAFD) allows the supervision of minors in collective reception (summer camp, leisure centre...). It is open to young people aged at least 21 years. Graduation is subject to theoretical and practical training. This training is not free, but you can apply for financial assistance. The BAFD must be renewed every 5 years.

The BAFD certificate of fitness for the office of director provides guidance to children and adolescents during their leisure time and holidays.

The work, not professional, is performed occasionally.

Training at the DATB prepares you to perform the following functions:

  • Develop and implement with the animation team a pedagogical project in line with the educational project, taking into account the care of minors with health problems or with disabilities
  • Locate your engagement in the social, cultural and educational context
  • Coordinate and train the animation team
  • Lead staff and manage reception
  • Developing partnerships and communication


To complete training at the DATB, you must have at least 18 1to day of the general training session.


You must have one of the following degrees:

But if you have a degree other than Bafa, you have to also to justify 2 animation experiments with a total minimum duration of 28 days during the 2 years preceding the registration, of which at least 1 in group reception of minors.

You must register on the Internet by accessing the online service of registration to the FATD:

Bafa and BAFD Registration

You must click on your area of residence.


this online service gives you access to the list of training organisations (national and regional) that you can contact.


To obtain the BAFD diploma, you must complete 2 theoretical training sessions and 2 practical training courses, which must take place in the following order:

  1. General training session to acquire the basic concepts to perform the duties of director and build your personal training project (9 or 10 days)
  2. Practical training as a director or assistant manager to implement the achievements of the general training session on all functions (14 days)
  3. Development session to complete your learning with adapted training sequences (6 days)
  4. Practical training as a director to improve your skills (14 days)

The 2 practical courses must take place in France. You must supervise a team with at least 2 animators.

The development session may be held abroad.

The director of each theoretical session gives an opinion based on his assessment of your abilities, after consulting the teaching team.

If you receive a favourable opinion from the Director of the general training session, you become a trainee director and you can perform the practical training.

If you receive an unfavourable opinion, you cannot continue the course and must participate in a new general training session.


The total duration of the training may not exceed 4 years. Otherwise you lose the benefit of the steps already taken.

Training is not free. Its cost varies depending on the training organisation.

Drajes financial aid

A BAFD scholarship can be awarded to facilitate access to your training, depending on your region.

The amount of aid varies according to the region, the candidate's situation (age, modest resources...) and the cost of training.

To be eligible, you must make a written request to the Regional Academic Delegation for Youth, Engagement and Sports (Drajes) of your place of residence.

Who shall I contact

Other aid

You can also check with your local council or Pôle emploi (if you are a jobseeker) to find out what financial assistance you have access to.

Some departmental or regional councils also grant aid.

Who shall I contact
Who shall I contact
Who shall I contact
Who shall I contact


if you perform or have performed a civic duty mission in 2022, you may receive a discount of €100 on your BAFD. You can take advantage of this assistance until December 31, 2023, by presenting your volunteer card (or your civic service contract) to the training organisation.

At the end of the cycle, the 4 steps validated by the session directors are examined by the BAFD jury of the Regional Academic Delegation to Youth, Engagement and Sports (DRAJES).

It's this jury that grants you the diploma or not.

If you fail, you have 12 months to resume unvalidated training sessions or practical training.

The BAFD is valid for 5 years from the date of the graduation.

Before the 5-year term of the FATD expires, you can apply for renewal of the FATD by using the FATD Registration online service:

Bafa and BAFD Registration

In order to obtain the renewal of your diploma, you must prove, during the previous 5 years, one of the following conditions:

  • Have served as the director (or deputy) of one or more group reception centres for minors for at least 28 days
  • Have been a trainer at Bafa or FATD for at least 6 days
  • Follow and validate a new BAFD development session

You can act as a director if you have certain qualifications or diplomas.

Among the titles and diplomas accepted, you can have one of the following:

  • State Diploma for Animation Features
  • State Diploma of Early Childhood Educator
  • Professional Diploma of School Teacher
  • Certificate of Proficiency

You must also provide proof of one or more experiences of animation of minors, including at least one in collective reception of minors.

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