Can support be paid directly to a child who has reached the age of majority?

Verified 24 November 2022 - Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister), Ministry of Justice

Yes, if he is unable to support himself and the support was granted to him by the Family Court Judge (Jaf).

Why is an adult child entitled to maintenance?

An adult child may receive maintenance if he or she is unable to support himself or herself (student, unemployed, protected major or with a disability).

An adult child may also receive maintenance if it has been granted to him by the Jaf.

In such cases, it is therefore possible to pay him directly, in whole or in part, maintenance.

By whom can the request be made?

The request for payment may come directly from the adult child, who must seize the Jaf.

Who shall I contact

But it can also be made by parents who wish to make an agreement on this payment binding. Thus, they will obtain a judgment that will serve as aenforceable title". In this case, the adult child must give his consent.

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