Does an employee have hours of job search during notice of termination?

Verified 06 June 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

The Labor Code does not anticipate hours to look for a job during a notice of dismissal.

However, a collective agreement, one collective agreement or a use in the company may allow the employee to benefit from a certain number of hours of absence to facilitate the search for a new job.

The conditions of use and the remuneration of these hours must be provided for in the collective agreement, the collective agreement, the usage or negotiated directly with the employer.

In the absence of scheduled hours, the employee may not leave the company to search for a new job during the period of notice, unless the employer agrees.

One simulator lets you know whether the employee can benefit from absence authorizations during their notice to look for a job:

Know if you can take hours of authorized absence on notice to look for a job

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