What happens to your insurance if you rent and move?

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Are you a tenant and planning to move?

You can ask your insurer to terminate the contract.

You have to do this within a certain period of time, otherwise you will have to continue to pay the contributions after you move.

You can also request that the contract be transferred to your new home.

In case of a move, you must notify your insurer.

Indeed, the end of the occupation of the insured housing can lead to changes in your insurance contract.

You can notify the insurer before the move, but if you have not been able to do so, you must inform him or her within 15 calendar days that follow.

The contract can then be terminated or transferred to your new home.

In order to make your choice, you can ask the insurer what the insurance conditions of your new home will be.

You can use a letter template:

Apply for insurance to insure your new home

When the change of dwelling entails a change in insured risks, you can request the termination of the contract.

The insurer may also decide to terminate the contract for the same reason.

The following factors, for example, have an effect on the risks insured: surface of the dwelling, presence or absence of an alarm, use of city gas...

To terminate your contract, you must send a termination letter to your insurer.

You can send the letter of termination before your move, indicating the desired effective date, or after leaving the accommodation indicating the date of your departure.

You can use a letter template:

Request the termination of your rental home insurance contract

The cancelation request must be sent to your insurer by one of the following means:

  • Online if the contract has been signed online or if, at the time of termination, the insurer offers online subscription
  • Paper or electronic registered letter
  • On-site declaration at the insurer's head office or at the insurer's representative's place of business (general agent, broker)
  • Extrajudicial Act (via a Commissioner of Justice)
  • Any other means provided for in the contract

Your contract will be definitively terminated 1 month after the receipt of your mail by the insurer (date of acknowledgement of receipt).

Your termination letter must contain all the details necessary to establish that the termination is directly related to your move

If you have paid contributions for a period that exceeds the effective date of the termination, the insurer must refund them to you.

It is prohibited for the insurer to provide in the contract for the payment of a termination indemnity for moving.

Please note

you must send the letter of termination for moving to your insurer no later than 3 months after leaving your former home.

Your home insurance contract can continue after the move to your new home, if you wish and if your insurer accepts it.

In that case, he has to make a agreeable to your contract, by changing the name and characteristics of the insured housing.

If the change of dwelling entails a change in the risks, the insurer may adjust the amount of the contribution payable accordingly (increasing or decreasing it depending on the circumstances).

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