European in France: entry and stay of less than 3 months

Verified 06 August 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

If you are European, you can move and stay freely in France for 3 months. You may be accompanied by your immediate family members. This right is granted to you regardless of the reason for your stay: tourism, internship, short-term employment, etc. But it may be limited.


You can enter and stay in France for up to 3 months without special formalities.

You simply need to have a valid passport or identity document, in case of identity check in the territory.

If you wish to pursue an activity as an employed or self-employed person in France, you will have no residence permit or work authorization is required.

Family of European

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Member of the European family

European or Swiss family members can enter and stay freely in France for up to 3 months. They must have a valid passport or identity document.

Family of another nationality

You can be accompanied or joined in France by the following people:

  • Your spouse
  • Your children under the age of 21 or dependant
  • Your ascendants direct charges
  • Dependent children or direct ascendants of your spouse

To enter France, non-European family members must have one of the following documents: 

  • Valid residence permit issued as a family member of a European by another EU countryEEE: titleContent or Switzerland
  • Valid passport with a short-stay visa
  • Document establishing their family relationship if they are visa-exempt on grounds of nationality

For to apply for a visa, your family member must prove their family connection to you.

The embassy or consulate shall issue the visa free of charge and as soon as possible.

Reasons must be given for any decision to refuse a visa, unless this is not possible on grounds of State security.

The French administration should make it easier for you or your family if you do not have an identity, travel or entry document.