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Authorisation to leave the territory (AST)

Verified 22 mars 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Covid-19: foreigner rules

Check the official website for rules that vary by country  : proof of vaccination, reason for travel, test, quarantine...

Your minor child has to go to the foreigner and you wonder if there are any formalities to follow? A minor who lives in France and travels to the foreigner must have an exit permit (AST) if he or she is not travelling with a person who has parental authority. The AST form can be downloaded from this page. No trips to town hall or prefecture are necessary. A child travelling only with his father or only with his mother does not need AST.

What applies to you ?

Depending on your personal situation, the steps to take may vary.

Where does the child live?
What is the nationality of the signatory parent?