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Class delegates

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Class delegates are elected by students in their class, in middle school and high school. They are responsible for representing them, particularly in class councils.

Class delegates are responsible for representing the students in the class. They are the spokespersons for students to teachers and education staff, especially at the time of the class council.

On this occasion, class delegates are to perform the following tasks:

  • Gather students' opinions and proposals
  • Forward these opinions and proposals to the participants during the class council
  • Disseminate to their comrades the information communicated during the council

At the College, the 2 delegates also participate in the disciplinary council students in their class.

Delegates may also forward the views and proposals of the students to the head teacher and the board of directors.

Voters and candidates

Each pupil may vote for delegates in his or her class, regardless of age or nationality.

Each of the students may be a candidate. Applications shall be individual.

Candidates may register on the day of the election.

Conduct of the election

Each class elects 2 full delegates and 2 alternates.

The elections shall be held by secret ballot by two-round first-past-the-post ballot.

Each elector votes for a candidate and his or her alternate.

The candidates are presented to the class before the vote. However, a student who has not applied may be elected if he or she has received a sufficient number of votes and accepts his or her mandate as a delegate.

At 1er In turn, if a candidate obtains an absolute majority of votes, he or she is elected and becomes a delegate. One 2nd the round is then organized to elect the 2ndnd delegate.

If none of the candidates obtains an absolute majority, a 2nd everything is organized. The 2 candidates who obtain the most votes are then elected and become delegates.

In the event of a tie, the youngest of the candidates shall be elected.

Please note

if the school has a boarding school, the students elect boarding school delegates, in addition to the class delegates.

Class delegates are elected for the duration of the current school year.

The election is organized by the head teacher (or a teacher appointed by the head teacher).

It's happening before the end of the 7e school year week.

An information meeting on the role of delegates and the duties of the class council must be organized before the election.

In high school, class delegates meet for general meetings at least twice a year.

This assembly allows delegates to exchange views on school life and work.

The 1era meeting takes place before the end of the 7the week of the school year.

At this meeting, class delegates elect student representatives to the disciplinary council of the establishment.

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