What is a Personalized Educational Achievement Program (PERP)?

Verified 10 February 2023 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Your child encounters learning difficulties in his/her education? An action plan called Personalized Educational Achievement Program (PRE) can be set up. The aim of the PPRE is to support your child individually to help him master the sufficient level of knowledge and skills.

The ERP is a plan of individualized actions. It is set up when the educational team detects difficulties in your child's schooling.

It includes actions to help your child acquire specific knowledge and skills.

The ERP also provides a method for evaluating your child's progress.

He focuses mainly on French and mathematics.

If your child is in middle school, ERP may also affect 1re living language.

The aim of the PPRE is to enable your child to master the sufficient level of common knowledge and skills base.

The PPRE can be set up at any time of the school year, depending on your child's needs.

At primary school, EC1 and CM2 assessments are particularly useful for detecting a student's difficulties. Exchanges of information between teachers at the guidance from masters and cycle also identify these difficulties.

In middle schoolHowever, the difficulties of a pupil are particularly detected during class counseling.

The PPRE is automatically set up if your child repetition.

The PPRE is drawn up in writing by the teaching team (head teacher, principal or head of the school and possibly other teachers).

In particular, the document shall specify the following information:

  • Identity and class of student
  • Skills to work
  • Target to be achieved
  • Members of the education community involved
  • Period of implementation of the ERPP
  • Involvement of outsiders, particularly if medical supervision is provided (speech therapist, psychologist)
  • Setting up partnerships (school support in conjunction with the municipality or associations, educational success schemes)

The educational team must present the ERP to the parents, or to the child's legal representative, once it has been drafted.

The child must also be associated with this presentation.


your agreement is not required to set up the ERP. However, your adherence to the action plan facilitates its success.

The EPRP is planned for a fixed period. It depends on your child's academic difficulties.

At the end of the ERP, the teaching team takes stock and presents it to you.

Depending on your child’s progress, PERP may be interrupted or prolonged. In the event of an extension of the ERP, the teaching team may decide to review its objectives and implement new actions.