Rules and regulations College and high school:

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You want to know the rights and duties of the members of the educational community middle school and high school? The rules and regulations is the document which lays down all these rules in the school. Rules and regulations Preparation, content, communication: here is the information to know about the high school.

Rules and regulations The language of a secondary school or college is a written document that defines the rights and duties of all members of the educational community.

It may be supplemented by provisions on adult pupils, in particular as regards the management of their absences.

It may lay down specific rules applicable to trainee pupils.

Please note

In establishments with internsrules and regulations rules and regulations , the institution's method of treatment is supplemented by an internat.

Rules and regulations The study is prepared by the management of the school or high school, in consultation with the representatives of the staff, the pupils and the parents of the pupils of the school.

It shall first be examined and voted on by the board of directors. It is then controlled by the rector of the academy.

Rules and regulations The conditions under which the directive may be amended are laid down in the document itself.

Rules and regulations In a single document, the processor sets out all the rules of life in the establishment.

It recalls the rules of civility and behavior.

In particular, it shall determine the conditions under which the following points shall be implemented:

  • Freedom of information and freedom of expression for each pupil, while respecting pluralism and the principle of neutrality
  • Respect for the principles of secularism and pluralism
  • Duty of tolerance and respect for others in their personality and beliefs
  • Guarantees of protection against any physical or moral aggression and the prohibition of violence
  • Gradual assumption of responsibility by the pupil in the practice of his activities
  • Inclusive school

It also lays down the organizational measures for the establishment:

  • Pupil entry and exit times
  • Monitoring
  • Conditions for access to the premises
  • Student exit during free time between classes
  • Control and management of delays and absences
  • Organization of studies
  • Use or Prohibition of Certain Personal Objects (telephone and smartphone, laptops, tablets, music players, dangerous objects, weapons...)
  • Prohibition of smoking, use of alcohol or drugs

Rules and regulations The following chapter contains a chapter on student discipline and disciplinary sanctions and school punishments incurred.

It may also provide for preventive, accompanying and remedial measures.

Rules and regulations All members of the Commission should be made aware of the educational community. It is posted in the establishment.

Rules and regulations The child is also given the child at the time of enrollment or on the day of the start of school. It is included in his correspondence book.

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